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Trigger Basic Auth Dialog with jQuery / AJAX

05 May 2017

We’re all familiar with basic authentication (or should be) – my experience with it has been via cPanel or doing it by hand on *nix servers. Once setup it just works. The other day I was integrating an app into a service where the dev environment had basic authentication on it. My AJAX calls were […]

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Mixing jQuery and reCaptcha in Forms

06 Oct 2013

The business of collecting user data includes the ubiquitous form. The thing with forms is that they are the first to see abuse on the Internet and if left unprotected your inbox or database will soon be overrun with spam. One of many methods of protecting forms is the CAPTCHA. CAPTCHAs require that a user […]

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Cache Busting Your Web Service Requests

29 Jun 2012

While working with web services you always need to keep in mind that web browsers cache files. if you web service request doesn’t change ever so slightly you will run into the issue of the web browser not pulling the new response but instead pulling the previously cached response. This is easily mitigated by adding […]

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Test Cross Domain Ajax In Chrome

01 Jun 2012

If you are like myself and leave the server-side stuff to those who like doing that type thing (well, I dabble here and there) then you love to find ways to avoid asking them to do stuff for. In the world of HTML 5 mobile application development you are always integrating with some service and […]

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Cross-Domain Ajax and XML with jQuery

07 May 2012

Did a fun little thing today – built a jQuery/PHP-based Cost of Living (COL) calculator for a city’s website (sorry, have to be vague on the client’s name) utilizing the data from www.coli.org. Coli.org provides a service that allows interested parties to compare the cost of living across a range of criteria between two different […]

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