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Installing The SQLite PhoneGap Plugin via the CLI

30 Apr 2014

For some reason I had issues trying to install the PhoneGap SQLite plugin for Android on my Windows 8.1 laptop using the CLI. Attempting to run the install resulted in a Command failed: fatal: could not create work tree dir error. After some fruitless searching for a solution I took another look at the error […]

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Android 4.1.2/PhoneGap 3 AdjustPan with Fullscreen Theme

17 Mar 2014

If you’re reading this you’ve been stung by the AdjustPan bug in PhoneGap – this is where the softkeyboard appears when one of your text fields gets focus but the view does not shift up to reveal the field that you’re attempting to type into. Setting the windowSoftInputMode in your application manifest to “adjustPan” should […]

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Speeding Up the Android Emulator with HAXM

27 Aug 2013

The typical experience with the Android Emulator on Windows is that it is essentially unusable. But if you throw hardware acceleration into the mix then it becomes possible to get the emulator working quite well – well enough for everyday use. The cause of the emulator’s lack of performance is due to it being implemented […]

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Prevent Screen Rotation in PhoneGap / Android

21 Jun 2013

You may have an app at some point that requires a set screen orientation. Using PhoneGap in Android this is done by editing your project’s manifest.xml. This file is located in your project root. Double click the file to open it within Eclipse and note the activity node: … <activity android:configChanges="orientation|keyboardHidden" android:name=".MyPhoneGapActivity" android:label="@string/app_name" > … […]

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Off-Market Android Installation Instructions

20 Sep 2012

I keep having people asking me how to do this. This is certainly covered exhaustively on the Internet here and there… but here’s yet another step-by-step on how to install Android Apps (APK’s) outside of a marketplace such as Google Play or GetJar. Note that it usually not a good idea to install non-market apps […]

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