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Simple Twitter Timeline Data

26 Sep 2015

We’re all familiar with how to embed a Twitter timeline – which is to simply copy the Widget code from Twitter and paste into your site. Twitter then drops in an iframe and you have a timeline. The alternative is to use the twitter API to pull a timeline and then deal with OAUTH. Or, […]

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Refreshing a Twitter Timeline

18 Nov 2014

I spent some time searching for this and thought to share how to refresh an embedded Twitter Timeline. To do so you need to dig into the documentation and use the twttr.widgets.createTimeline() widgets method. Here it is – just copy and paste and edit where indicated. Each time you call this function your timeline will […]

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Launching the Facebook & Twitter Websites From a Web App

25 Mar 2013

Creating a link within your mobile HTML5/web apps is exactly like creating a link that launches in a new window, you simply do the following: … <a href="http://somewhere.com" target="_blank"></a> … Or via JavaScript: … <script language="javascript"> window.open('http://somewhere.com'); </script> … The above does what one would expect in most cases – launching the URL in the […]

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