This isn’t really “news” per se as Intel had purchased AppMobi some months ago and as you may recall Samsung and Intel are partnering on Tizen so it was no stretch to draw the obvious conclusion, but, its now “official” – AppMobi supports Tizen. The press release follows:

Dear appMobi* Developers:

Intel’s latest release of the Intel® XDK is now available. This latest release provides enhanced performance, UI responsiveness, UI design, more openness, and standards support. Discover how the latest Intel® XDK tools can enable amazing users experiences across multiple platforms with faster results.

What’s new:

  • App Game Interfaces 2 — improves multimedia app performance via OpenGL-accelerated HTML5 Canvas, and multi-sound, multi-channel audio playback, and multi-touch for Android (ARM and x86),/li>
  • App Framework 2 — improved APIs for responsiveness, native and custom themes for iOS*, Android*, and Windows* 8.
  • App Starter — jumpstart or prototype your app and UI quickly using this drag-and-drop UI tool
  • Tizen* support — with a single mouse click, prepares and builds HTML5 web apps for Tizen powered devices

The Intel® XDK is an integrated HTML5 App Development front-end for true cross-platform apps for multiple app stores and form factor devices. It provides the same familiar, powerful cross-platform tools, new names, more capability, and works with the full set of appMobi* services.

Let’s build some great apps!


Kevin J. Smith
Director, Developer Products Division/Web App