It’s common knowledge that ontouchstart on mobile doesn’t fire immediately because a 300ms pause is implemented in WebKit to determine if the touchstart is the beginning of a double-tap. For that reason, web app developers use the ontouchend event instead because it doesn’t have any built-in delays.

Some people will try to code around the issue by synthesizing a touchend event when touchstart is detected thereby skirting the inherent delay. FastClick is an example of this sort of work-around.

If you find that you need to make a “click-based” application feel more responsive you could try something like the above – or you could just try some CSS. Its possible to eliminate the standard 300ms delay entirely without any JavaScript:

.yourButtonClass, a {
    -ms-touch-action: none; // Deprecated as of IE 11, Microsoft recommends the the standard below
     touch-action: none; // webkit

Related to this topic is this dated article at Quirks Mode which I found to of interest (keep in mind its from 2010): The touch action.