Creating hybrid apps means almost all of your time is spent in Chrome doing layout, development, testing, etc. When it comes time to start integrating your app into PhoneGap/Cordova you have to take into account a device’s deviceready event but doing so breaks your app outside of the Cordova wrapper.

One option is to automate your builds using Gulp. If you’re adverse to this you can try the following bit of code which will allow you to easily switch from your desktop to device:

            function bootstrapNG(){
                angular.bootstrap(document.querySelector('html'), ['name-of-your-app']);
            if (document.location.href.indexOf('http') === -1){
                document.addEventListener('deviceready', function(){
                }, false);
            } else {

This works because the assumption is that as a dev you will be running a local server to run your app whereas in Cordova/Phonegap the app is running directly off of the file system so that URL is not using an HTTP:// scheme but is instead using file://.

Note that manually bootstrapping Angular will require you to remove the ng-app directive from your page.