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Installing the Brackets-ESLint NPM package

07 Jan 2017

If you are interested in an ES6 linter for Brackets there is a plugin called “Brackets-ESLint” that will do the job. However, it cannot be installed like any other Brackets plugin. You must first install a plugin called “Brackets-npm-registry” which functions similarly to the Brackets plugin manager but for Brackets-specific NPM modules. The Brackets-npm-registry Plugin […]

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Brackets & Git Integration

14 Mar 2016

If you haven’t already discovered Brackets then IMO you owe it to yourself to download it and check it out. Its an Adobe-backed open source text editor geared towards web development with many exciting features. 2016 will see Brackets being brought into Adobe Dreamweaver as the default code editor (incidentally, Intel’s XDK already uses brackets) […]

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