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MailTo Schemes Not Working in Chrome

12 Feb 2014

Here’s an odd one – the mailto scheme stopped working in Chrome on my Win Vista computer. I discovered how to fix it which is to navigate through some of Windows’ settings to re-associate the mailto URL scheme with your email client. After giving this some thought it appears to me that Google is trying […]

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Test Cross Domain Ajax In Chrome

01 Jun 2012

If you are like myself and leave the server-side stuff to those who like doing that type thing (well, I dabble here and there) then you love to find ways to avoid asking them to do stuff for. In the world of HTML 5 mobile application development you are always integrating with some service and […]

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Javascript/Chrome as a Dataset Manipulation Tool

29 May 2012

You might have caught on that I’m a front-end developer – while I *have* done some ASP, the occasional PHP, minor SQL and even the rather obscure MIVAScript (DBF’s with index files) I definitely don’t consider myself a back-end guy. So, recently I was given the task of updating an e-commerce site, a global change […]

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Vertical Text Align Issue In Chrome

24 May 2012

(UPDATE: The good people at chromium have pointed out that Safari 5 fails on this too, and so this is a WebKit error not unique to Chrome). Stumbled upon this one today in Chrome (submitted to the Chrome bug list on 7/3/12) – given the right set of circumstances vertical text alignment of italicized text […]

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