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Add Existing SSH Key To OSX

26 May 2016

Here are the steps to setup your Mac to work with your Git repo with the same key that you’ve been using on your other development machines. Copy your id_rsa file into your “.ssh” folder which is a child of your home folder. This folder is hidden but can be easily revealed via this terminal […]

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Brackets & Git Integration

14 Mar 2016

If you haven’t already discovered Brackets then IMO you owe it to yourself to download it and check it out. Its an Adobe-backed open source text editor geared towards web development with many exciting features. 2016 will see Brackets being brought into Adobe Dreamweaver as the default code editor (incidentally, Intel’s XDK already uses brackets) […]

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GIT Help

26 Feb 2016

If you’re like every other developer (including myself) your go-to for help is Google – just type a question and a whole sea of answers are there to choose from. Git is pretty deep in terms of its functionality and many features are rarely used thus Google is often our friend in that regard. Depending […]

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Git: Working With Branches

04 Feb 2016

Quite often when using version control (Git, GitLab) you will need to create a new branch where you can develop in isolation from other developers / the master branch. Below are the basic branch-related commands to help you get started. When to Create a Branch You should create a branch that encapsulates a single train […]

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Generate an SSH Key Pair within Git Bash

28 Jan 2016

If you want to be able to interact with your Git account without using passwords then you need to create an SSH key pair. You will then share the public key with GitHub to indicate to your repo that your computer is trusted. The first thing to do is to create the keys. There are […]

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