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Diffing Two Canvases

03 Sep 2016

Below is the script I wrote that will take two canvases and find the differences between them – a canvas diff. What it returns is the bounding area – upper left coordinates and lower-right coordinates – with which you can do as you like. The challenge here is iterating through the pixel data. The data […]

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27 Jul 2016

One of the ways a developer shows the passion he or she has for their work is how they spend their free time. I do my best to spend my time learning more about what I like to do. Being a fellow who has a degree in Graphic Design that means that I have spent […]

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Installing Crosswalk in an Older PhoneGap Project

08 Sep 2015

Starting with Android 5.0 the webview has been separated from the OS and is now itself an app that will receive updates like any other app. The implication here is that from Android 5.0 and up users won’t have to receive an OS update to get better webviews for PhoneGap apps to use, they can […]

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Creating Image Maps From Canvas-Derived Coordinates

10 Jun 2015

Here’s a cool thing – I came across a situation where I was stacking identically-sized transparent PNG’s on top of each other but needed to be able to select their visible areas. The layered nature of z-ordering the images prevented us from getting beyond the top-most layer (actually, not image tags but z-ordered divs with […]

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Creating UI Using HTML5 Data Attributes

28 Mar 2015

As you may know part of the HTML5 spec includes the use of “data” attributes within HTML elements. For example: <div data-animal="frog"></div> You can see the naming convention – the first part must be “data-” and the part after can be anything. This feature provides a mechanism for storing information within your elements for whatever […]

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