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Creating Slideshows with iScroll 5

05 Jul 2015

iScroll has features that make it useful beyond just scrolling – among many uses it can be used to create slide shows. I created one today at work and am sharing the entire process here. I already had certain parts of this done for other parts of my application so it took me about 10 […]

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Managing Multiple iScrolls

28 Jan 2015

i sometimes find myself working on a project where the views require more than a single iScroll. When that happens i always need a method of keeping track of them and destroying them properly as I switch between my views. What I describe here is a simple way to accomplish this. The first thing to […]

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iScroll 4 Hacks

29 Nov 2012

Here are some hacks that I’ve discovered to get the most out of iScroll. The basic customization parameters are documented at’s website but you have to look at the cleanly laid out source to find the gems. The current list of tips: Improved Lock Direction Faster Snap Snap to a new element and only […]

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