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Debouncing Delegated Events in jQuery

12 May 2017

If you’ve read any of my posts you might have seen the pattern I like to use for using event delegation. That pattern, in its simplest form, looks like this: $(document).ready({ $('body').on('click','div',changeSomething); function changeSomething(e){ // do something } }); For me this is super useful – I can dynamically add elements to the DOM and […]

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Installing the Brackets-ESLint NPM package

07 Jan 2017

If you are interested in an ES6 linter for Brackets there is a plugin called “Brackets-ESLint” that will do the job. However, it cannot be installed like any other Brackets plugin. You must first install a plugin called “Brackets-npm-registry” which functions similarly to the Brackets plugin manager but for Brackets-specific NPM modules. The Brackets-npm-registry Plugin […]

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Diffing Two Canvases

03 Sep 2016

Below is the script I wrote that will take two canvases and find the differences between them – a canvas diff. What it returns is the bounding area – upper left coordinates and lower-right coordinates – with which you can do as you like. The challenge here is iterating through the pixel data. The data […]

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Loading an image from the iOS Library in PhoneGap

23 Aug 2016

While working through one of my personal projects I’ve figured out how to load an image from an iOS device’s Library. There are two steps – first use the Camera plugin to provide a UI for the user to select a file. The next is to take the file path the Camera plugin provides and […]

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27 Jul 2016

One of the ways a developer shows the passion he or she has for their work is how they spend their free time. I do my best to spend my time learning more about what I like to do. Being a fellow who has a degree in Graphic Design that means that I have spent […]

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