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Saving Game Data in SCORM

27 Sep 2014

Every once in a while I have to wrap something in SCORM. Its not terribly often but it happens maybe about twice a year. This time around it was a Flash-based training module for a local hospital. Applying the SCORM wrapper has become rather blasé; I apply the wrapper, tell the devs what JS functions […]

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JSON is a String

26 Nov 2013

I had a developer once tell me that the Sencha Touch project we were working on was “just JSON”. I had not considered that the code we were writing had a resemblance to JSON until that moment. My head being consumed with the project required me to supply a shrug of the shoulders and go […]

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jQuery.parseJSON vs JSON.parse vs json_parse – Memory Profiles During AJAX Requests

10 Apr 2013

When doing an AJAX JSONP request with jQuery you rely on the jQuery.parseJSON method to parse the JSONP response into an object. While jQuery.parseJSON works most of the time I’ve seen it behave as if a memory leak is occurring. This isn’t new to jQuery.ajax() as it has somewhat of a history with memory leaks. […]

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Convert XML to JSON

27 Nov 2012

Having a library of scripts in your back pocket comes in handy – this one is a gem IMO, it is an XML to JSON converter written in JavaScript. I spent the better part of my day trying the wide variety of scripts that a simple Google search yielded. Some didn’t work, others did albeit […]

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