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Image Caching

17 May 2016

I’ve been putting together a demo the past couple of days for a sales pitch that our sales guys will be going on in a couple of weeks. The demo will be wrapped in Cordova and shown on an iPad Pro and will have lots of full-screen (or at minimum near-full-screen) background images. As you […]

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Angular and Scrolling Content

15 Oct 2015

I’m currently enrolled at in the Angular course. I’m well over half-way through and have been applying Angular to my work projects with great success. One thing that I needed to do was to have scrolling views in my hybrid apps while having other areas of the app remain static. My future goals involve […]

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Eliminating Touch Event Lag via CSS

12 Mar 2014

It’s common knowledge that ontouchstart on mobile doesn’t fire immediately because a 300ms pause is implemented in WebKit to determine if the touchstart is the beginning of a double-tap. For that reason, web app developers use the ontouchend event instead because it doesn’t have any built-in delays. Some people will try to code around the […]

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Accessing External Storage in Android & PhoneGap 3.3

02 Jan 2014

While playing with PhoneGap’s filesystem api I noticed that window.requestFileSystem() would only give me a path to the on-device file storage area (sdcard0) but not allow me to gain access to the external sd card (extSdCard). [edit 11/29/2014] Please review this article: Browsing Filesystems in PhoneGap as it has details about the setup used to […]

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Simple Android Back Buttons in Sencha Architect 2 & Phonegap

15 Oct 2013

As you may know Android has a back button – present as a software back button or in older devices as a capacitive button on the device itself. The question is how to hook into it and get your views to change in Sencha Touch. Sure, Sencha walks you through Routes and such, but all […]

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