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Enable Debugging in Android Using PhoneGap Build

12 Nov 2016

PhoneGap Build offers easy iOS and Android builds without the need to install any SDK’s. To debug an app in iOS you simply create an Ad Hoc Provisioning Profile, upload it to PhoneGap Build, and then create your app. When its time to build for production you then provide a Distribution Provisioning Profile and PhoneGap […]

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Loading an image from the iOS Library in PhoneGap

23 Aug 2016

While working through one of my personal projects I’ve figured out how to load an image from an iOS device’s Library. There are two steps – first use the Camera plugin to provide a UI for the user to select a file. The next is to take the file path the Camera plugin provides and […]

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Create Mobile Provisions and P12 files without a Mac for Cloud Build Services

02 Aug 2016

There are many Windows developers who want to create iOS apps but do not want to make the investment into Apple hardware – one way around it is to virtualize OSX which works OK if your intent is to use Xcode. The other option is the situation where you are planning on using cloud services […]

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PhoneGap / xCode Transport Security Error

18 Jan 2016

Debugging a PhoneGap project we needed to be able to see the database so we ran the emulator via xCode and tried using Safari to remotely inspect the webview. This worked but Safari would’t show us the database. We then tried to use Weinre so that we could use Chrome to do the remote inspection […]

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Bootstrapping Angular in Cordova

16 Oct 2015

Creating hybrid apps means almost all of your time is spent in Chrome doing layout, development, testing, etc. When it comes time to start integrating your app into PhoneGap/Cordova you have to take into account a device’s deviceready event but doing so breaks your app outside of the Cordova wrapper. One option is to automate […]

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