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Safari JS Engine > Chrome JS Engine?

13 Dec 2012

Got a Parser error in OSX Safari today that didn’t appear in Chrome. On the surface it appears as if its just a silly mistake that I overlooked – another developer used the “default” keyword in his XML, which I converted to JSON and used in my app which appeared similar to this:

var something = [{default:'abc'}];
var cat = something[0].default;

Chrome on Windows and OSX were fine yet Safari on OSX tripped on it. The answer is rather obvious – the word “default” is a reserved keyword and as such should be avoided. As a quick reference the rest of the keywords are:

break case, catch, continue, debugger, default, delete, do, else, finally, for, function, if, in, instanceof, new, return, switch, this, throw, try, typeof, var, void, while, with

The fix is simple, just treat the object as an associative array and use “default” as the key to get the desired value, like so:

var something = [{default:'abc'}];
var cat = something['default'];

Simple – and legal and in fact the first example is as well. While it is poor form to use a reserved keyword in the first example it is entirely legal to do so in that manner. The keyword exclusion only refers to using the keywords as identifiers which is not the case here. For reference see ECMAScript 5.1 here.

An example of using a keyword as an identifier (and thus something to be avoided) would be:

function default(){
   // wrong!

It appears that Apple has taken things a bit too far as they often do. See this list of browsers that correctly parse the sample JS with no issues:

Browsers that Accepted the first example:

  1. Windows
    1. Safari 5.1.1
    2. FireFox 17.0.1
    3. Chrome 23.0.1271.97
    4. IE 9
  2. OSX
    1. Chrome 10.0.648.151

Browsers that didn’t:

  1. OSX Safari 5.0.5

So… there it is. Just a quirk of Safari’s JS parser to be aware of. Its yet another example of the “Great Apple Irony” – their supposed adherence to standards. I suppose they are saving us from ourselves in a way as we as developers should know better but its still goes against the grain, so-to-speak.

Mobile Safari Debug Console Breaks @Media Query

03 Jul 2012

Spent a lot of time spinning my wheels on this – in these cases you always think about whats changed since the last time your layout did what you wanted…and I backed up all the way to settings I enabled/disabled on the iPhone, and found the issue!

If you’re using an @media query like the following:

@media screen and (max-width:320px) and (orientation: portrait){
    /* your css here */

You will notice that it **breaks** when Mobile Safari’s debug console is enabled.

We can look into this a little further by using JavaScript to get the device’s reported width and we can infer the orientation from the number of degrees of rotation. To discover this information:

alert('width: ' + window.innerWidth + '\n orientation: ' + window. orientation);

Holding the iPhone in a portrait orientation with the debug console on we see the following values when reloading the test page:

  • width: 320
  • orientation: 0

The same test with the debug console off… is the same as with it on – there’s no smoking gun here as to why this is happening. The above @media query for unknown reasons is just plain broken with the debug console enabled!


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