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Simple Android Back Buttons in Sencha Architect 2 & Phonegap

15 Oct 2013

As you may know Android has a back button – present as a software back button or in older devices as a capacitive button on the device itself. The question is how to hook into it and get your views to change in Sencha Touch. Sure, Sencha walks you through Routes and such, but all […]

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Sencha Architect 3 – Beta Available Today

19 Sep 2013

Sencha held a webinar today on Architect 3 – the next version of its gui-based mobile app development tool. Many exciting new features which points to Architect being the go-to for mobile app development. Below are the highlights from the webinar: Templates Architect 3 introduces Templates such as Master/Detail views, Maps, Search, etc., to help […]

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Configuring Layout Animation in Sencha Architect

18 Sep 2013

If you’ve ever trolled through Sencha Touch’s documentation you know how frustrating it can be – they assume that the reader is as proficient with Ext as the Sencha writer who created the doc. There are little to no code samples and what there is is usually provided by the community via the in-documentation commenting […]

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Creating Global Variables / Objects in Sencha Architect

14 Aug 2013

There will be many instances where you don’t want to use the Sencha data model just to store some variables – there are a couple of ways to do so within Sencha Architect that are easy to do. The first one is simply to add an external javascript file to the project’s Resources. Anything in […]

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Using the SliderFill Sencha Touch Plugin in Sencha Architect

08 Aug 2013

Sliders are pretty cool in Sencha Touch – what makes them cooler is the SliderFill plugin by Thomas Alexander. The plugin can be downloaded here: Before SliderFill the sliders are minimalist – functional yet a tad bland: After SliderFill – one small addition makes them much more appealing: Adding the plugin to your Sencha […]

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