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Generating A Certificate in Tizen

06 Nov 2013

One of the very first things you will need to do when creating your Tizen app is to generate a certificate so that you can sign the app and thus be able to publish and run the app in the Tizen Simulator. There are 2 ways to create your certificate, the method I’m describing below […]

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AppMobi Officially Announces Support for Tizen

25 Jun 2013

This isn’t really “news” per se as Intel had purchased AppMobi some months ago and as you may recall Samsung and Intel are partnering on Tizen so it was no stretch to draw the obvious conclusion, but, its now “official” – AppMobi supports Tizen. The press release follows: Dear appMobi* Developers: Intel’s latest release of […]

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Sencha Touch on Tizen!

14 Jun 2013

I just learned that Sencha Touch is coming to Tizen and is being made possible by a partnership between Sencha, Intel, and Samsung. This is super interesting considering a few things, the main one is that Intel had acquired App Mobi presumably for the same purpose – to provide developer tools for the fledgling operating […]

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