Clarian North Hospital, now a part of IU Health, is an Indianapolis-area hospital whose goal from the outset was to create an environment that challenged the hospital stereo-type. Following the trend of evidenced-based design in health care where providers are moving towards a more aesthetically pleasing hospital design, Clarian Health Partners took a bold step forward and created an environment that is truly “designed for healing”. Among the interior design elements; more natural and softer lighting, private rooms whose amenities focused on patient comfort, soothing colors, attention to acoustics, premier materials–all things that help make the hospital less frightening and more welcoming.

With construction completed Clarian North lacked one critical piece – a web presence that reflected the thought and care that immediately impresses those who make use of its services. At the time I happened to be freelancing for a local web developer who landed the site redesign project and was thus given the opportunity to redesign the then new Clarian North website.

Project Notes

I recall that part of the design goal was to reflect the organic lines, color and textures found within the hospital. Thus the rounded edges and wave-like lines. I also wanted to make use of the great photography that was available – the project benefited greatly from the professionally produced imagery.

As you can tell from the sample images the design was based around 4:3 aspect ratio – this was before the advent of 16:9.

Along with the design I was also responsible for creating all of the HTML/CSS templates for the proprietary CMS (classic ASP and SQL).