• Windows
• OS X


• Flash

Development Tools

• Flash
• Dreamweaver
• Photoshop
• Chrome
• XML Notepad 2007


This Flash-based piece was done for an ad agency and their client, BRP. It was a customer-facing application that allowed users to match the correct ICON engine add-on kit for their existing Evinrude engine.

Users would first enter the model number of the engine that they have (while typing a predictive text pop-up would appear). Next, the number of engines and helm stations and the type of remote control (if necessary) would complete the identification of their Evinrude product.

The next step would display the necessary parts and give the option to print or download a PDF of the results. With this information in-hand the customer could then go to a dealership knowing exactly which parts they needed to purchase.

Development Notes

Along with doing all of the Flash work I also did the server-side PDF generation. The later task involved learning some ASP and following the API documentation for ASP PDF which was the ActiveX server component that was installed on the server.


  • Load product serial numbers via an external XML file
  • Predictive text field
  • Printing
  • PDF-generation & download