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A few years ago I created a Flash-based Plunket game that utilized FLADE (Flash Dynamics Engine) for realistic physics. The game was one of a series done for Volkswagen to help increase awareness of their Certified Pre-Loved Program (VW CPL). The game started with a drag & drop quiz to test customer’s knowledge of things like Volkswagen’s 112 Point Inspection, 24-Hour Roadside Assistance, German Engineering, etc. If the consumer achieved a certain level of knowledge they were given tokens to drop into the Plunket-styled game board to garner points.

Development Notes

The design was done by someone else and I did all the programming. I won’t bore you with game-play but instead will jump straight into the physics. FLADE at the time was new and seemed to have what I needed except for one crucial part – documentation. The lack of documentation meant that I would have to troll through source code, however, it turns out that a PHD student in Australia was porting it to Java and created JADE (Java Dynamics Engine) and more importantly for me he documented his work. With that I was able to move forward and complete what you see here.

In the example below all art is stripped away – all that you are seeing are particles, primitives and surfaces.

FLADE is doing all the hard work -the script that created this is 99% just creating the environment .

The rest of the Flash movie is just a matter of layout and doing some basic drag & drop. When a token is dropped over the plinko pegs a particle is created within the physics environment. While the particle falls its x/y coordinate is applied to a visible game token. The token then behaves just like the particle, bouncing off of the plunket pegs and walls until it finds a slot at the bottom. On its way down I add in some rotation to the token based on where it happens to collide with a peg, rotating left or right depending on which side of a peg it happens to collide with. Once it hits a surface at the bottom a function is fired, the score is tallied, and the game continues.