• Windows


• Flash
• Influxis streaming video (RTMP)
• Omniture
• Google Analytics
• SMS Gateway
• Web Servcies / SQL Server

Development Tools

• Flash
• Sepy
• Photoshop
• Chrome


The Volkswagen “Owner Welcome” Microsite was an online instruction manual aimed towards new Volkswagen owners. The site featured short instructional videos tailored to each vehicle that Volkswagen sells in the U.S. Everything from operating the Multi-Functional display to how to open the rear hatch on a VW Golf had a specific video illustrating the task at hand.

VW owners could rate videos and also share video links with themselves and others via an SMS messaging feature that would send a short link to the user’s cell phone. Owners could also choose to download videos to their computers.

Email campaigns to drive customer awareness contained deep links that when clicked would launch the site and instantly drill into and display the appropriate content.

The anticipated traffic load dictated that we use a dedicated streaming video service. The Ad Agency involved in the project had an existing relationship with Influxis so they were chosen to deliver all in-site video. Video links sent via SMS were hard-coded to mp4’s hosted with the rest of the files on the site.

Development Notes

I did all of the Flash development for this project – the finally tally of features:

  • Streaming Video (hosted by Influxis)
  • SMS Video Sharing – text message containing a URL-shortened link to specific video content
  • Deep Linking
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Omniture integration
  • User-defined rating system
  • Volkswagen header-integration (a component that contained a “global” set of header navigation elements provided by VW)

Below is an image that illustrates the various components that comprised the final product: