• Windows
• OS X


• Flash
• JavaScript

Development Tools

• Flash
• Dreamweaver
• Photoshop
• Chrome


Targeted towards physicians, the “Personalizer” was a tongue-in-cheek reminder that the Zimmer Pharmaceutical Kinectiv hip implant is customizable to fit the patient.

This play on the customizability of the implant featured hair pieces, multiple types of accessories and costumes. With the ability to save the custom art as a PDF or as a bitmap it was hoped that the artwork might be passed around the office, pinned to a wall, or emailed to colleagues. Of course, there were gentle reminders directing doctors to a Zimmer website for additional product information.

This piece was designed by Zimmer’s Ad Agency. The resulting artwork was handed off to me for Flash programming.

Development Notes

As part of the Flash development it was necessary for me to send a byte array to the server-side .Net developer who would then create the PDF and Bitmaps for the user to download.


  • Printing
  • PDF generation & download
  • Bitmap generation & download
  • Drag & Drop