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ADB Server is Out of Date – Eclipse Error

04 Mar 2013

This morning I was unable to install/launch an android app from Eclipse to my test android tablet. I suspected it may have something to do with my having rooted an Android tablet the previous working day – but I can’t find a causal link to that effect.

Anyway, I either repaired the issue or found a work-around – either way I’m up again. Time will tell if this has been resolved… so here’s what I did:

  • I discovered online that HTC-Sync seems to cause this, and I *do* have an HTC EVO 4G test phone so I opened Task manager and killed the HTC Sync process (To be honest, this has never been an issue previously. I suspect that this step was unnecessary.)
  • Next I ran adb kill-server via the command prompt
  • I then restarted the server by issuing adb start-server
  • Eclipse didn’t like the above two steps so I restarted Eclipse
  • … and things seem to be ok atm
  • I’ll update this post if this continues to happen, else if this is the last sentence here then the problem for me has disappeared…

Losing Device Connection in Eclipse

20 Jun 2012

There may come a time where you will encounter an “AdbCommandRejectedException error: device not found” while trying to upload your app to your device from within Eclipse. This message will appear in the console and will be accompanied by this text: “Error during Sync: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine”. As a result you will be unable to install your app. Opening DDMS will show that the device is not connected to your computer a it simply doesn’t appear in the device list even though the phone is in fact physically connected.

To further illustrate:

To resolve this without restarting Eclipse you can execute a BAT file that will restart the ADB server. To do this navigate to your Android installation folder and locate the “platform-tools” folder. Within that folder create an appropriately named BAT file, for example, “restart-adb.bat”. Edit the newly created file in a text editor such as Notepad and add the following two lines:

adb kill-server && adb start-server

Save and close. TO restart ADB simply double-click your bat file and the server will be restarted. A command prompt will appear informing you of what is happening:

Thats it, the ADB has been restarted.


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