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Using the SliderFill Sencha Touch Plugin in Sencha Architect

08 Aug 2013

Sliders are pretty cool in Sencha Touch – what makes them cooler is the SliderFill plugin by Thomas Alexander. The plugin can be downloaded here: https://market.sencha.com/extensions/sliderfill. Before SliderFill the sliders are minimalist – functional yet a tad bland: After SliderFill – one small addition makes them much more appealing: Adding the plugin to your Sencha […]

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Scrolling in LungoJS HTML5 Framework

12 Jul 2012

I’ve been looking at other frameworks lately, among them LungoJS. After fiddling with the framework I had difficulties creating scrolling views. The docs say that getting a scrolling area is as simple as adding a “scrollable” class to a div – not quite, there are some other requirements. To get scrolling articles you must have […]

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