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Diffing Two Canvases

03 Sep 2016

Below is the script I wrote that will take two canvases and find the differences between them – a canvas diff. What it returns is the bounding area – upper left coordinates and lower-right coordinates – with which you can do as you like. The challenge here is iterating through the pixel data. The data […]

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HTML5 Canvas and Particle Systems

13 Mar 2015

I’ve been doing a lot of canvas stuff lately which reminded me of some things that I’ve always wanted to try. In particular I’ve always meant to find time to try writing a particle system using HTML5 Canvas. Its pretty easy to do – the idea is that we render a shape or a number […]

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Using the SliderFill Sencha Touch Plugin in Sencha Architect

08 Aug 2013

Sliders are pretty cool in Sencha Touch – what makes them cooler is the SliderFill plugin by Thomas Alexander. The plugin can be downloaded here: https://market.sencha.com/extensions/sliderfill. Before SliderFill the sliders are minimalist – functional yet a tad bland: After SliderFill – one small addition makes them much more appealing: Adding the plugin to your Sencha […]

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jQuery Mobile Fixes

29 Jul 2013

Hmmm… jQuery Mobile… if only you delivered on mobile the way you promised…. the world’s most popular JS framework sadly misses the mobile mark and by a wide margin. If you do have to use jQM then you’re probably looking for tips on how to get some level of performance out it. Scroll Performance This […]

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jQuery onChange Event and Text Fields

18 Apr 2013

Seems like jQuery’s change event when bound to an input or textarea element doesn’t work like it should. What happens is that when those elements are blurred *then* onChange fires – completely not what we want to happen. According to the documentation this is actually by design. The only input elements that have an onChange […]

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