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Installing the Brackets-ESLint NPM package

07 Jan 2017

If you are interested in an ES6 linter for Brackets there is a plugin called “Brackets-ESLint” that will do the job. However, it cannot be installed like any other Brackets plugin. You must first install a plugin called “Brackets-npm-registry” which functions similarly to the Brackets plugin manager but for Brackets-specific NPM modules. The Brackets-npm-registry Plugin […]

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Brightcove Embed Code and Events

10 Mar 2016

Another unique thing for me today – this time getting the Brightcove media player playing in a CBT that we’re developing. I originally setup the framework for this project and handed it off to other developers to complete but it has come back around to me since incorporating the Brightcove video player turned out to […]

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Replacing Logical OR with Void and Logical AND

09 Sep 2015

I enjoy perusing other people’s code to see how they approach whatever it is that they are trying to solve. The follow simplified function caught my eye: function someFunc(a){ void 0===a.prop&&(a.prop=20); } Looks like some esoteric stuff but makes a lot of sense when written like this: function someFunc(a){ a.prop = a.prop || 20; } […]

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Creating Slideshows with iScroll 5

05 Jul 2015

iScroll has features that make it useful beyond just scrolling – among many uses it can be used to create slide shows. I created one today at work and am sharing the entire process here. I already had certain parts of this done for other parts of my application so it took me about 10 […]

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Passing Objects without Reference

30 Apr 2015

Here’s a little thing that I do to prevent passing object references when I really just want a copy of the object itself (a deep copy). This is super simple – much simpler than enumerating an object in order to reveal/copy its properties and values into a new object. Here is an example of a […]

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