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Simple Twitter Timeline Data

26 Sep 2015

We’re all familiar with how to embed a Twitter timeline – which is to simply copy the Widget code from Twitter and paste into your site. Twitter then drops in an iframe and you have a timeline. The alternative is to use the twitter API to pull a timeline and then deal with OAUTH. Or, […]

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Saving Game Data in SCORM

27 Sep 2014

Every once in a while I have to wrap something in SCORM. Its not terribly often but it happens maybe about twice a year. This time around it was a Flash-based training module for a local hospital. Applying the SCORM wrapper has become rather blasé; I apply the wrapper, tell the devs what JS functions […]

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Convert XML to JSON

27 Nov 2012

Having a library of scripts in your back pocket comes in handy – this one is a gem IMO, it is an XML to JSON converter written in JavaScript. I spent the better part of my day trying the wide variety of scripts that a simple Google search yielded. Some didn’t work, others did albeit […]

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