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Installing Crosswalk in an Older PhoneGap Project

08 Sep 2015

Starting with Android 5.0 the webview has been separated from the OS and is now itself an app that will receive updates like any other app. The implication here is that from Android 5.0 and up users won’t have to receive an OS update to get better webviews for PhoneGap apps to use, they can […]

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Installing The SQLite PhoneGap Plugin via the CLI

30 Apr 2014

For some reason I had issues trying to install the PhoneGap SQLite plugin for Android on my Windows 8.1 laptop using the CLI. Attempting to run the install resulted in a Command failed: fatal: could not create work tree dir error. After some fruitless searching for a solution I took another look at the error […]

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Disable Android Back Button in InAppBrowser

21 Apr 2014

This is a quick hit – if you’re using the InAppBrowser plugin in your PhoneGap app on Android you may want the child browser to display without the location bar and the included “close” button. The PhoneGap docs explain how to do this well enough, however Android’s back button is still functional. If you tap […]

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Simple Android Back Buttons in Sencha Architect 2 & Phonegap

15 Oct 2013

As you may know Android has a back button – present as a software back button or in older devices as a capacitive button on the device itself. The question is how to hook into it and get your views to change in Sencha Touch. Sure, Sencha walks you through Routes and such, but all […]

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Prevent Screen Rotation in PhoneGap / Android

21 Jun 2013

You may have an app at some point that requires a set screen orientation. Using PhoneGap in Android this is done by editing your project’s manifest.xml. This file is located in your project root. Double click the file to open it within Eclipse and note the activity node: … <activity android:configChanges="orientation|keyboardHidden" android:name=".MyPhoneGapActivity" android:label="@string/app_name" > … […]

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