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Generating A Certificate in Tizen

06 Nov 2013

One of the very first things you will need to do when creating your Tizen app is to generate a certificate so that you can sign the app and thus be able to publish and run the app in the Tizen Simulator. There are 2 ways to create your certificate, the method I’m describing below […]

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Sencha Touch on Tizen!

14 Jun 2013

I just learned that Sencha Touch is coming to Tizen and is being made possible by a partnership between Sencha, Intel, and Samsung. This is super interesting considering a few things, the main one is that Intel had acquired App Mobi presumably for the same purpose – to provide developer tools for the fledgling operating […]

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Intel Buys AppMobi

26 Feb 2013

I just got an email from Intel re its acquisition of AppMobi – Intel has just gotten itself developer tools presumably for its Tizen mobile operating system (of which Samsung is a partner). Here’s the text of the email: February 25, 2013 Dear HTML5 Developer: As a valued user of appMobi* HTML5* tools and services, […]

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