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Brightcove Embed Code and Events

10 Mar 2016

Another unique thing for me today – this time getting the Brightcove media player playing in a CBT that we’re developing. I originally setup the framework for this project and handed it off to other developers to complete but it has come back around to me since incorporating the Brightcove video player turned out to […]

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Playing Audio in Android/iOS Web Apps

11 Sep 2012

If you’re familiar with the state of HTML5 in Android land you know that many CSS3 features are not supported, among them is the AUDIO tag. There is a library out called SoundManager2 that claims to offer a “reliable cross-platform audio” solution but after trying it on mobile platforms I think it falls short of […]

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Center Rich Media Annotation in Acrobat 10

04 Jun 2012

I discovered today that its possible to center a Rich Media Annotation in Acrobat 10. A “Rich Media Annotation” is Adobe’s fancy way of referring to a video or embedded flash movie. The significance of this is due to the fact that there currently is no way to do this within Acrobat Professional. You will […]

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