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Trigger Basic Auth Dialog with jQuery / AJAX

05 May 2017

We’re all familiar with basic authentication (or should be) – my experience with it has been via cPanel or doing it by hand on *nix servers. Once setup it just works. The other day I was integrating an app into a service where the dev environment had basic authentication on it. My AJAX calls were […]

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Cross-Domain Ajax and XML with jQuery

07 May 2012

Did a fun little thing today – built a jQuery/PHP-based Cost of Living (COL) calculator for a city’s website (sorry, have to be vague on the client’s name) utilizing the data from www.coli.org. Coli.org provides a service that allows interested parties to compare the cost of living across a range of criteria between two different […]

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XHR Post in Sencha Touch 1 & PhoneGap

13 Feb 2012

Sencha Touch has built in support for JSONP via “GET”, but if you have a lot of data to send you may quickly run into the GET character limit which varies across browsers. For a lot of data, “POST” is the preferred method and may be even preferred over GET for security reasons. The rub […]

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